DJ Eleven’s Devin The Dude mix


Download:  DJ Eleven Presents:  Eleven & The Dude Mix (tracked ver. w/ artwork)

DJ Eleven (hit the link for the tracklist, as well):

Just before the first of the year, I sat down & started going through everything he’s ever been on to unearth all my personal favorites.  While doing that, in addition to wishing I smoked weed, I got to thinking on how similar Devin was to another Dude character.  Months later, the unholy combination of Devin Copeland + Jeffrey Lebowski + Joe Eleven emerged from the laboratory.   And with that…

(Get the mix as a single mp3 here)

One response to “DJ Eleven’s Devin The Dude mix

  1. wow…this is a wonderful thing to put out there, thanks for the heads up…I love these sorts of compilations of rappers I have not paid a ton of attention to, put together with a loving hand…I’d love an E-40 mixtape kinda like this some day 🙂

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