Fallen House Sunken City

I was suppose to post this up last week but lagged so fuck it, it goes up today. Today was the release for B.Dolan’s record, Fallen House Sunken City. The record is produced entirely by Alias, who to be honest I haven’t really listened to sinced to 2003 when he was making xfiles music. The opening track Leaving NY really exposes the many facets of what makes B.Dolen great. Cynical standoffish asshole lyrics laced with touches of symbolism from a man whose ages more than he should in the winter. Alias comes through with these beats, drums crashing all over the place for the more aggressive joints and more droned out beats for the sad old man raps. The album has a healthy dose of distortion and reverb in the lyrics which if you ask me is a way better fucking trend that tired ass autotune. If every rap song had loud ass megaphone vocals I would be a lot happier.

What I like about B.Dolan in general is definitely the cynicism but also there is never that overwhelming preachy underground hiphop bullshit that makes so many of these fucking shit ass rapping about rap records so goddamn boring. He’s got a fire in his belly that comes through in his raps and his poetry, it’s goddamn refreshing to hear coming from a scene that is drowning in a sea of mediocre adolescent beliefs.

If you like being a pessimist you’ll love this record.

The entire album is streaming on myspace

Free Downloads at http://www.strangefamousrecords.com/fallenhouse

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