9 responses to “was there a better rap song this decade than

  1. rubberband man? go dj? 1-900 hustler? southern hospitality? oh boy? rae dawn? get low? stay fly? trap goin ham? whens the last time? what happened to that boy? cadillac on 22s? jesus walks? what you know? international players anthem? bob? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetc.

    asap is a jam tho

  2. I know you guys are mostly on some south shit, nothing wrong with that, but any list without “Ante Up” on it is null and void.

  3. best tracks of the decade for me:
    Cam’Ron – Killa Cam (purple haze)
    Dr. Dre – Fuck You (chronic 2001)
    Wayne – Track 2 (dedication 2)
    Gucci Mane – Bachelor Pad (the movie)
    MF DOOM – Deep Fried Frienz (mmm food)

    I’m sure I’m leaving some out but those were some of the best IMO

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