This song is taking over my life

At the moment this bulldozing massacre of awesome is running my life. For some retarded reason I’d never gotten Coffin’s last album until recently but fuck I’ve had Altars in Gore on repeat almost all December. The bike ride to work is a lot faster these days. I just love the overwhelming grind of doom that just beats you down over and over. This shit is fucking relentless, not overly complicated just nonstop pain that never lets up and grinds away at your life, it’s so fucking brilliant.

I can’t wait to drop this on Wednesday night, I don’t care what anyone else thinks of this shit. I just want to hear it as loud as possible all the goddamn time. This shit is like a fucking bulldozer on your goddamn face and I love it.

3 responses to “This song is taking over my life

  1. Haha, whoa, this is a surprising post! Anyway, I’ve been a fan of Coffins since the demo and this band is just the greatest. Perfect cross between Winter and Hellhammer.

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