Producers of the Year part 1

The dudes @ Dirty Gloves Bastard did an ’09 producers poll. Ignoring the state of Cali, which is off in its own world anyway, I think they slept on one dude who’s been dropping some of the best beats this year. Check Mouse’s beat off Juvenile’s solid new album, one of the best tracks I’ve heard him drop yet (also worth checking, word to weingarten, is “I Say” which has Juvie flipping that old against-the-grain 400 degreez flow). The Lil Cali & Mouse album from earlier this year is full of good shit too, & you already know that I’ve been feeling the slept-on “1 Rubber.” It’s nice to hear a producer developing a fresh, identifiable sound that doesn’t appear to be a concession to older styles, one that feels of-the-moment yet wholly his own.

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