…but it’s easy

hot dammit its a miracle,
please adjust the temperature i switched up the interior in my european vehicle
damn gucci lyrical!
naw, i aint lyrical but my bracelet is crazy but my necklace is hysterical
blacker than nigeria with brand new material
count a quarter million while im pourin a bowl of cereal
fresher than you ever were, richer than a year ago
and three dollars a skittle but its 800 a cheerio
i was ??? same color as a prune yellow chain look like the moon and my old school is maroon
hear it err err when it skrrt
26s down the skrts
in a vert with a flirt
you can chirp, i got twerk
i keep work, in my ‘burbs
i got bird, i got bricks, i got pounds of that herb,
used to be my favorite word, now my ice game is superb,
so you hoes be just like burr! burr!

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