get me my money

here’s a lil story bout a nigga named gucci
grew up in the hood sellin dope and shootin uzi’s
had a lil brother by the name of waka flocka
one thing about his lil brother? big chopper
east atlanta hardhead, everythang red
red diamond, red rag, red offset
cali down to bouldercrest all way back to cali
hope to sell some chickens and i sold em in sun valley
man brick squad get it! they sheisty as a motherfucker
green ‘vert, black birds more icy than you other suckers
kid that did the pounds of mid sold ki’s for six i do admit
ecstasy for ex-convict, they try me? better split yo wig

5 responses to “get me my money

  1. I’m eager to hear your thoughts on The State vs. Radric Davis

    Overall I’m pretty happy with it *after unchecking Heavy, Wasted, Wasted Remix, and Spotlight in my ITunes* (stfu usher)

    I feel like the highlights are “The Movie”, “Kush Is My Cologne”, and “My Own Worst Enemy”.

    I think Gucci did a pretty decent job of balancing the R&B bullshit with tracks that will keep his mixtape fanbase excited.

    I’m also really happy with the artist features… Love to see Cam, Wayne, Devin and E-40 getting their props!

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