Addicted To Money

Things I like:

Lil Scrappy rapping
Screwed Chorus
Simple beats that knock

Things I don’t like:
Ludacris trying to rap hard, shit luda period, dude’s delivery fucking sucks, I’m tired of this motherfucker
Lil Scrappy singing

things I like beats out things I dont

13 responses to “Addicted To Money

  1. scrappy can’t sing and I don’t listen to rappers to hear them sing, I want them to rap, just run the screwed chorus and lay your verse down, don’t need useless fluffer

    as for luda it’s not his singing, I don’t like his rapping. technically he can rap but his delivery has always sucked. The shortcomings of his delivery really standout when he tries to do hard songs, dude doesn’t have enough power in his voice to really drive shit home.

  2. I don’t think Luda EVER thought he was trying to be scary. That was what was so fucking weird with his war with Oprah and O’Reilly. He’s always been a slightly dirty pop rapper with subtle attempts at “scary” shit (he ends up in similar territory as Busta Rhymes, who is a scary rapper trying to be a pop rapper).

    Luda’s first two albums are insanely fun to listen to, knock hard, have awesome beats and have great lyrics/delivery. It’s incredibly well done pop music w/ just the tiniest touch of “danger” that most rap fans who grew up listening to NWA and Eightball & MJG didn’t even pick up on.

    Scrappy’s singing here is pretty fun, also. It’s pretty not-annoying, bordering on good single.

  3. Even in this song, the only thing bordering on “crime” shit is the snitch/fuck with the cops line and that doesn’t mean he’s claiming sets, it just means if you rob him he won’t identify you in court, so rob him.

  4. scary wasn’t the best word, it was just the simplest. The best example of his delivery’s shortcomings is Move Bitch, his voice just fails to have any power for that type of song. My point is song could be a lot better if Scrappy teamed up with someone who could take better advantage of this beat, not so much the content.

  5. Yeah this isn’t the optimal beat for him. Luda’s last album was a lot of “trap house” beats, which don’t suit dude. Neptunes/Timbo beats do. Agree with you on that point for sure. He’s a sex n jokes rapper (a very good one, but that’s what he is).

  6. Um, “oh noo, the fight’s out, I’m going to knock your, lights out”… or however that shit went. That worked. As did his verse on Stomp, Southern Fried Chicken intro thingy… some other stuff. I agree he sucks now.

  7. no it doesn’t, he sounds like an old jewish grandpa running out of breath trying to tell you to turn off the lights. his delivery sucks for fight music, always has

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