Trick’n Off

rolling my eyes at old head new yorkers condescending backhanded ‘compliments’ towards real southern lyricists. OR: is he just laying the groundwork for even broader eventual acceptance??

Diamond chain around my neck?
i call it bloody mary
purple vette parked at the crib?
i call it welch’s jelly
blue and white new droptop beemer?
i call it papa smurfin’
if ya take ya n**** word?
call that a lotta nerve
three thousand four hundred dollas?
call that a louis purse
a penthouse suite for me and her?
call that a lost skirt
outshine gucci mane?
i call that boy the first
that black-on-black phantom on sixes?
call that a rollin’ hearse
me and mariah on a screen,
i call that feelin’s hurt
this bustas that be cakin ****?
i call em captain kirk
rick ross, gucci drama boy,
i call that goin in
so icey and maybach music?
call that a easy win

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