Lock’Em In The Trunk

There are so many different versions of this song, just search youtube to get a quick breakdown. A lot of janky low budget sequels made by no name memphis rappers. Personally this is my favorite version made by Zirk, Squeeky and Kilo. Three 6 has a version too, I don’t think it’s as good though. What I like about this one is that the beat isn’t trying to hard, just simple with an amazing screwed sample for a chorus. I can listen to this all fucking day and I have.

Lock’Em In The Trunk

Lock’Em In The Trunk ft Kingpin Skinny Pimp

The second is what I think maybe the original version that appeared on Dj Zirk & 2 Thick’s Lock’Em In The Trunk album, from 2000.  I’ve never learned what the history of this song is or why it was released later with shittier sound. Personally I like the slower dustier version because it just makes the song more menacing and it bangs a little better to my ears. The dusty version is just another one of those examples of a sound that Memphis really perfected via fourtracks and tapes. Especially when you compare these two songs side by side I think it just drives home the point of how much better lofi recordings can be when you want to make some gangster ass raps. There is a grit to the music that really helps make the music more ominous. The slower and crunchier the song the more you want to just smash someone in the face. It’s terrific!

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