We Come To Shut Shit Down

Loko – Playing No Games

Sammy Sam – Set It Off

you need this Big Oomp mixtape, it’s really my favorite shit out right now. Fuck that pussy shit they feeding you, get some more Loko and Sammy Sam in your ears. Some older joints but there are some dope ass tracks on there. Personally I would have liked to see Intoxicated show up but who knows whats up with them dudes. Baby D is still locked up so you don’t get much of him. Still I’m starving for crunk shit these days and  I’ve had this shit on repeat since I copped it. To many motherfuckers rapping about bitch shit right now. I need some angry stuff to balance that happy ass white boy black boy shit out. The mixtape aint all crunk but there is just enough to satisfy me for now. I still wish motherfuckers would make more angry rap, being angry is more fun than smiling and dancing. Holler at that trapsandtrunks for the full mixtape

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