More goofball black boy white boy raps

been listening to this FLY album today, goofy beats and party raps. Kind of wishing fools would play this kind of shit in the club in the bay. This Party Time shit barely makes sense, just a bunch of white boy words getting thrown around being held together by an freaking gnarly 8 bit melody.

4 responses to “More goofball black boy white boy raps

  1. I applaud any rapper that attempts to shake the typical played out formula the radio spews out but this whole “party like a rockstar” im a surfer, gnarley dude white boy mockery rap seems contrived and is straight up corny. If these dudes want to emulate surf culture thru music they need to pick up a sublime or black sabbath album.

  2. but sublime sucks ass

    of course this shit is corny, it’s not going that deep or attempting to be anything other than what it is at face value. Just honest goofball party music. It’s like kids giving themselves mohawks because they think it’s this wild and crazy thing to do. It’s not, that shit lost its impact after crocodile dundee. It’s just an idea of being so out there that makes the image though and that’s really all these songs are doing. Like oh we’re so crazy, we’re surfing like those gnarly white dudes. If the concept bothers you then you’re probably putting to much thought into this shit.

    Shit another example is three 6 trying to do that horrible jackass cover with a chorus of “we going crazy” that was full of screaming. that shit sucked but that was their idea of white dudes going crazy. I think it’s also part of the reason a number of rappers have fucking horrible taste in rock.

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