Jap/Dro/Big Kuntry – “How We Get”

Jap ft. Young Dro and Big Kuntry – “How We Get” (prod. by Zaytoven) (via DGB)

So this is another loopy, sing-song celebratory jam to file next to those K.E. joints. Not surprised that this is coming from Zaytoven either seeing as he’s been killing it with these type of bleepy synths since forever but I’ve never heard a beat from him with such an overt and driving melody so I’m inclined to chalk it up to the influence of swag music. All the verses are pretty dope but Dro’s stuck with me because he so shamelessly cops from Yung LA, but the way he effortlessly slides in between LA-style whiny (and endearing) singing and his typical mealy-mouthed car raps is pretty amazing and organic. And Big Kuntry has the best punchlines \(o_O)/. He kinda sounds like DJ Paul, no?

I’m not totally sure what to think of these songs except that I like them. They’re certainly really positive and happy songs— not that that really means anything generally, but they’re nice to hear in the summer. They remind me of when everyone gets drunk and start singing off-key. Good times shit. Atlanta rappers are having fun.

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