podcast and shit

Playing rap again, this time with a lot more Memphis rap shit. Low budget memphis horror beats and shit. A lot of 8ball, 3-6 related shit, some texas, some westcoast. I like it, you should too.

To subscribe to the podcast just use this url for the feed: http://beerandrap.com/atom.xml If you’re not to smart just go in to itunes and under Advanced you have the option to subscribe to podcasts. Select that and add the feed url so that it will update on it’s own.

direct download here


1) The Misfits – Bullet
2) Pretty Tony & Block – Ten Toes Down
3) Terrorists – Face The Holocaust
4) Radical T – Coming Straight From The South
5) Gangsta Rhyme Posse – Livin In Da Point
6) Eightball & MJG – Kick Dat Shit
7) Guillotine – Track 10
8) Prophet Posse – Murder, Robber
9) Project Pat – Ski Mask
10) Memphis Drama – Hit’em Hard
11) DJ Paul – Glock In My Draws
12) Rich Boy – Let’s Get This Paper
13) Bohagon – Gangsta Shit ft Korleon
14) Gucci Mane – Hurry
15) DJ Paul – Jook
16) Federation – Go To Work
17) Cold World Hustlers – Nasty Lyrics ’95

3 responses to “podcast and shit

  1. Murder, Robber into Ski Mask is sublime people! Body Parts and Mistah Don’t Play made me the man I am today.

  2. shit I’d be down for submissions, just record an hours worth or whatever and send it over. I’ll post that shit up

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