Suckas Come To War; Why? To Die!

88 rap-a-lot shit, Noz posted up the I Got 20 track a few months back. Shit I think it was around that time that I picked this record at Friends Of Sound. Anyways my favorite cut on the record is, Get From In Fronna Me. Royal Flush was another one of those groups that just kind of got lost in the Rap-A-Lot shuffle, they released 976-Dope in 91 but that was the extent. Instead rapalot decided to do bullshit like developing Choice’s artistic vision. Someone needs to tell them to just bootleg their whole back catalog, fuck a sample clearance. Hell I’m sure somewhere someone’s sitting on boxes of promos, ebay that shit. Ok so the point is I like this track

Get From In Fronna Me

electro stabs with some fast raps are one of the easiest ways to win me over. Yeah there are some suspect lines with the whole hickory dickory dock bit or the fu fu fu flamboyant shit, but the rest makes up for those corny moments.

Rulin, Schoolin & Coolin
There is so much shit going on in this beat, random cuts just drop in. It’s kind of a mess but there is something beautiful about it. I guess it’s more of just that cut & paste simplicity that dudes were using to just make beats. It was 88 in houston, no real guidelines just bang it out and rap on the best shit you got.

full album

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