6 responses to “9x’s outta 10 video

  1. great 2 hear kurupt spitting like this again…

    missed the ‘streetz iz a mutha’ and ‘dog food’ days… this is his best work since the hook on weezy’s ‘lock n load’ hahaha…

    and quik is that dude i still bump rhythmalism in the whip on a sunny day…

  2. You know, it is a good song, but rarely do these surprisingly incredibly decent songs from guys who’ve been rapping since 1990 bring anything back, much less a whole coast. I mean, that would be like if Masta Ace put out a single on Nature Sounds and brought New York back. So don’t get your hopes up.

  3. i have been listening to the two of em for years too and I dunno about that (or really care?), but man this beat is what I want to hear in 2009

    broken socal slap beats

    not that Kurupt doesn’t kill it too

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