Probably my favorite Gucci line of the year

Cuz we aren’t tweeting yet.

“So Icey Boys, baby everything groovy/ hat to the shoes, baby everything Gucci”

Just totally love the fact that he says “groovy”. It’s a truly odd word choice and in a way I think it expresses unbridled joy better than maybe any other word could’ve in that situation. It’s little things like that that make Gucci weird in a singular manner and not Weird in a Charles Hamilton/pink fetish manner (not to always pick on the guy, but) or Weird in a 2008 I’m Lil Wayne, the Alien Rapper manner. You can substitute compelling for weird, too.

A close second: “I can’t even lie, yo/ I be fuckin fly hoes”

Haven’t listened to Guccimania just yet— DJ Empire mixtapes are grating as fuck— but anyone who’s slipped up Gucci-wise so far should download the Gucci the Glacier tape cuz it’s got a bunch of his best shit from earlier this year— like the Juicy J and Project Pat songs— tacked onto the end.

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