Justyn Case ft. Clyde Carson – Choosin Season

I don’t know shit about Justyn Case, I only checked this song because it featured Clyde Carson from the Team who were making dope ass music back in 04 before hyphy music got killed off. Anyways I click this link and get slapped in the face with rave synths that build into an epic climax of guitar strumming and mediocre raps about picking up some girl to close her eyes and sip on patron. Then after that crapfest of rap you get broken off with some auto tunes about owning a condo and biting mangos, oh yeah and a little throwing money in air with a raincoat. Clyde comes in and drops a hot throwaway verse about nothing laced with dumbshit like escaping for the weekend and love peaking. It’s really touching if you’re a ten year old girl dreaming of becoming a coupe’s wifey. The worst part for me though is the end, it ends with the sounds of the beach? Really? WTF, was this an idea they got from The Dating Game? Long walks on the beach fucking predictable bullshit that makes up the fantasy of a fucking prepubescent fuck who wants lose their virginity to candles and roses. Fuck that hallmark card bullshit, this song sucks.

If it’s a shitty idea, it’s in this song.

god I hate love songs

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