OJ Mix

In the past week or so, four songs have leaked with incredible OJ verses, and it really seems to me like he’s stepped his game up from even just last year. He sounds remarkably confident to me right now, like this little buzz he caught from Gucci and probably even Soulja Boy has really emboldened and solidified his style. He just seems like he belongs right now, and even when he’s on a song with Fabolous and Juelz he doesn’t seem out of place— in fact, guys like that seem lost in OJ’s dust to me. And that’s not to prop up OJ as more than he is, but I think he’s gotten to the point where his style isn’t a substitute for his rapping. Instead it’s a totally unique and singular flow used by someone who is also a great rapper and who just so happens to be blowing everyone else on tracks out of the water.

So, I made this mix of the four verses. This is the first time I’ve ever blended tracks into each other and I did this in about 45 mins on GarageBand so the blending is truly horrible. These are the songs:

“Hustlers Anthem 09 (rmx)” -> “Hottest in the Hood (rmx)” -> “Superman High” -> “Gold Grill Shawty”

OJ Mix

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