T-Rock – Let’s Go

Picked up the latest T-rock joint when I was in Texas last month. Finally got around to upping some shit off of it. It’s a dope album, only a few weed tracks which is nice. I really don’t give a shit about rapping about getting high, that shit gets tired fast. Well unless it’s Devin then I can deal. He’s got some fast rap joints on here but also some slow tracks like Superthowed which he can’t help but rapping about stuffing bongs and getting high while staring at city lights. Around his last verse though he changes it up for a little burst of fast rap which sounds sick over the slow guitars. U Ain’t Heard goes hard, beat could be louder but they make up for with trigger raps. Double Up bangs too. He’s got some sadfaced introspective shit going too like Love Changes and Heaven Cries which ain’t bad even with that jesus bullshit. There is some weak shit too though, like the bullshit slow sex track with some girl singing about love. I guess if you enjoy fast raps about weed, patron, stroking balls and skeet skeetings then maybe it’s not totally worthless. I got no use for it though.

The best track on the album though is Let’s Go it’s just got those victorious soulful horns that just make the whole song work so fucking well. The shit just takes you back to a time before rap music was made with horrible rave bullshit that every fucking piece of shit producer tries to shove out their ass these days. It’s not hard to make songs with this beat, just kick some cool lyrics, say fuck the 50, lets get it, mention the trap, g’s, taking over, getting fucked up and you’re fucking good.

T-Rock – Lets Go

I was going to throw up some other tracks too but really all you need is this one, it’s just that dope.

If you want a mixable version here is an edit Neoteric did up Let’s go (Extended)

3 responses to “T-Rock – Let’s Go

  1. Burning Book is easily his best album so far. You’re right about Mossberg, he’s just right for Rock whether he’s spitting fast or slow. Never felt Mr Washington Story, Rock Solid 4:20 and Defcon 1 Lyrical Warfare are both far superior albums.

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