Most Antwistapated

1st off Im so sorry about the corny title of this post ….

but more importantly,

I dug the last Twista record & found it kinda underrated — “Creep Fast” was criminally slept on and should have been a single — but the new one is basically my most anticipated record this year. Above is the vid for the leadoff single “Wetter” which is a classic Traxster midwest pimpin track, slow rolling beat & doubletime flows. But my favorite leak so far, the “Trigga Gots No Heart” switch up “No Love” which at first I thought would be a cover of the Do or Die classic but no complaints here — except theres no spice 1 guest verse !!

Even otherwise weak tracks like “She Got It” have some nice raps, but I do hope dude drops the generic club joints. Everyone wants to sound like fuckin Flo Rida.

This reminds me, I’ve been meaning to link to the philaflava blog for a minute. Theyve uploaded a gang of hot shit lately including Twista’s forgotten ’94 record Resurrection which you can check out here.

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