Gucciwatch ’09 continued

Generic generic generic beat rote lyrics, just a lil bit of that slurred style but none of the dimension, no funny punchlines, a few tossed off bars. This kind of shit better stay far the fuck away from his eventual album release. This would be a SHITTY MUSIC OF THE WEEK post if it wasnt so boring to write about.


The Porsche porcelain
the rims are gorgeous
the earth went skrrt
it got so many horses
an all-white chain same color yo forces
an ounce a what i smoke cost double your mortgage
so icey entertainment
ima explain it
see when we come in niggas tuck in they chain, and
– i lost my train of thought bitches callin me brainless
i cant buy a burger cuz im too fuckin famous
my whip on a donk, give my chevy a facelift
my 28 ashantis make it look like a spaceship
my rims look big like the lips on fantasia
my paint drips wet like activator
you playin with yaself you a masturbator
ya play with so icey i have to spray ya
dont waste all ya life bein a couch potato
after awhile crocodile see ya later, hater
its guc-ci

Classic verse, classic chorus. This shit knocks, & I gotta say Project Pat’s done a pretty good job of keeping up his quality control lately. Altho i dont really agree w/ Tom that Real Recognize Real is arguably his best record (never mind that the best Project Pat record would only be a 7.7 wtf), I do think hes been doing some consistent shit these days. “Stacks will rise or somebody gonna pay the piper / I just want the stash, dont make me put you in a diaper!”

Another thing Gucci does better than most folks is these trade-off traxx with female rappers like Nikki Minaj & Mac Breezy … this is old but the final version of “White Girl” with Esther Dean leaked recently & its funny and the Polow beat is nicely minimal & grimey instead of going for flatline-pop (take a hint Nitti). Esther Dean also sounds fuckin rough in the best way, like her voice gets this real grating quality towards the end of her last verse. There’s something real great about the humor & originality in this track (esp. considering the generic-as-fuck name for it). I dig that Gucci’s never too cool to play the guy getting fucked over in his own tracks, even if it is a double entendre for cocaina “I think I love her!” “My name is Suzyyyy and Gucci think I love him / that sucker think im loyal but I fucks with all the hustlers.”

Gucci’s last verse is classic:

Two jobs, she get cheese, her dates are my treat
how neat! she loves to eat! we eat! bon appetit!

3 responses to “Gucciwatch ’09 continued

  1. one correction, it’s not “ya plate was so icey” but rather “ya play wit so icey”. goin to see gucci tomorrow for the second time, can’t wait!

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