Another post about OJ

Gorilla Zoe ft. Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman – “Helluvalife”

Haven’t heard the whole Zoe album yet (do I want to?) but I was naturally HIGHLY INTRIGUED by the Gucci/OJ collaboration. It’s about the fifth best Zoe/Gucci song that exists in the world (and about the 1,800th best Zaytoven beat), and it’s really only notable for OJ’s verse, made possible by the fact that Gucci appears to not be trying and Gorilla Zoe is now apparently incapable of not singing. OJ’s verse packs the vitality that all his verses seem to have, and it’s almost the quintessential OJ verse in a way because he rides along shouting as he does (actually starts off the verse biting Gucci’s Michael Jackson diamonds line from “Light Show”) not saying much but commanding attention, but he hits this line where it’s almost like he should be taking a breath except he goes “YOUNG JUICE MAN/ GODDAMN I’M A HUSTLA” and it’s an almost unexplainable “aahh” moment, like all the gears in his verse finally locked into place. It’s the kind of thing that seems tossed off until it’s chopped and screwed on an “anthemic chorus”, except with OJ the anthemic part is completely instant.

Tomorrow I’m going to post this video of Zaytoven that’s probably old news but dude is basically my favorite producer doing it right now and it shows him fucking around with a keyboard to get the burbly bleep noises that are almost his trademark so it will be a cool nerdy thing at least.

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