OJ’s Washing Powder Money vid

I think the thing about OJ is that, emerging from Gucci’s shadow, its hard to see him as an amazing rapper, but I do enjoy a lot of his shit — he’s real distinct & stylized, something otherworldly about his strained holler like hes trying not to shout, a quiet dude who had to learn to be loud when he first rapped & then had to learn to rein it in. The effect is unsettling, like he’s a chill cat who will flip the fuck out on u at a moment’s notice, eyes bugging like buggin out from do the right thing. There isnt the same aura of possibility around him as their is w/ Gucci, who has about a million diff approaches he could take to a track, but thats OK & I hope he keeps on dropping rough-edged street raps & never crosses over, just like my man here.

3 responses to “OJ’s Washing Powder Money vid

  1. what the fuck is this video

    btw did you catch our dude lil meta in there? lol

    i think re juice… i’ve never been able to think straight about him cuz i think he just has something that you can’t really teach. it’s not, charisma isn’t the right word really but it’s something like that. on paper he isn’t great, the songs shouldn’t be special but a good amount of them are. maybe it’s just that anyone would sound awesome over a bunch of zaytoven beats.

  2. most of the people who like his shit like a whole lot of it. like the person said before me… it’s something about his music and i agree with u where u said u just don’t know about juice–“he’s a chill cat who will flip the fuck out on u at a moment’s notice, eyes bugging like buggin out from do the right thing”–like how the nigga just come outta nowhere holla’n YUNG JUICE! LOL..i dig yo blog though..

  3. the reason people like juice is part of the reason people like gucci and one of the unique things about rap music, and thats the fact that you know hes talking about some shit he really does or did. so many other cookie cutter rappers come and go and wonder why they never catch on even though they are technincally sound. it has to do with authenticity because it gives your lyrics something that you can’t perfect or even approach with just practice

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