The thrill is gone from Chicago radio

Ive never really explained the link to Boolumaster’s website on our sidebar — basically dude is one of the biggest & best Chicago DJs & has been spinning everything (rap, house, juke, dancehall, old school, steppin music) in this city for a long-ass time on Power 92. It also gave a uniquely Chicago feel to our ‘sound of the streets’ rap station. One of the best things about this city is that its always been unapologetic in its embrace of diverse music. House music, dance music, rap & R&B have been played side by side on Power 92 for as long as I can remember, & gospel & rap on WGCI, steppin, quiet storm, old school hip hop & modern soul on V103 … its a city that is real proud of its musical heritage.

Apparently, some clueless suits recently issued a dictum that Power 92 is no longer going to spin any house music, which is a real disappointing development in my opinion. I’m assuming this is related to some kind of demographic shift but its a huge change for this city & certainly marks some kind of turning point.

Boolumaster has made a farewell house music mix over @ his site called “The Thrill is Gone,” which you should download here. I dont give a fuck that this is a rap site. Mix is whats up right now.

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