Shitty Music Of The Week

Holy fucking crap this week we got some fucking unbelievably bad music. Shit I wasn’t even sure what I was going to post until the internet blessed me with this piece of shit.

I mean really? Really? This is what you’re trying to do? I can’t even wrap my brain around the idea that someone would ever think this was a song worth recording? Never mind that You Spin Me Round is a complete shit song that needs to fucking die already, sorry shitbags but that’s the fucking truth. Let go of your mediocre 80’s bullshit already. But these shitty ideas of using horrible 80’s inspired hooks is so fucking stupid(please see Slim Thug’s I Ran for further proof). The marginal use of autotune and retarded syth stabs accompanied by that fucking crap ass casio keyboard just takes this worthless cheesedick song over the edge.

This song couldn’t even be saved if it was about getting your dick sucked and eating pussy. Instead you get laced with worthless verses with shitty lines stressing the last syllable in an attempt to string this piece of shit song together. Leaving you a worthless barrage of raps about strippers/models after bankrolls while he’s trying to be the king of the club flashing his gear in a sea of diarrhea.

Flo-Rida’s idea of what white people want to hear must be limited to things that would appeal the characters of The Breakfast club. The fucked up thing is that there are enough stupid people out there to support the idea that this money is worth chasing. This is why Asher Roth has a career, because Drama wants to get that Mickey Avalon money. Motherfuckers making rap music for people who don’t even like it in the first place.

But who gives a fuck what I think, I’m sure in Vegas there is some dude in an Affliction t-shirt cumming all over his fucking true religions because a sweaty mall pussy with a fake tan is rubbing her long butt all over his balls when the dishwasher of a dj drops this casino club banger.

7 responses to “Shitty Music Of The Week

  1. holy shit youre trying way too hard negro. i think you may be the first guy on the internet to point out HOW BAD RAP IS THESE DAYS!!! and taking on flo rida, holy shit dude! and white rappers and white people liking rap music oh my. god knows jay-z only has black fans right…

    i did like the scattered im-too-cool-for-these-things-but-im-gonna-mention-em-so-i-can-shit-on-them references you make tho. props.

  2. I can also point out how bad rap use to be too if that makes you happy.

    this isn’t even about white rappers, it’s about casino heat and trying to make hiphop music for becky’s and chad’s. Shit it’s not even about how bad rap is these days, just this specific song and others with that same shitty sound.

  3. Yeah dude, this garbage is miles beyond wack, maybe you can get away with not even calling it rap????? Iono, that Jackie Chain joint “Blinded by the Light” is pretty tight tho, while another track of his, “Shades” which samples that bullshit about wearing your sunglasses at night is less than listenable. I mean most of these songs sucked d to begin with but I guess “artists” are just getting kind of desperate for top 40 status because top 40 listeners are the only bumpkins still paying for music. But what do I know? Great Post!

  4. yourmom psychoanalyzed and bodied this post a lot more poignantly than you did flo rida but your last paragraph was funny.

  5. the fuck you talking about, serg likes new raps & posts about it all the time & his fuckin blogger picture is him next to paul wall.

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