Gucci Funk Era

New Gucci mixtape & there are some A+ exclusives on this joint — also a few tracks that already leaked. A few quick notes on some traxx so u dont think Gucciwatch ends with ’08 roundups:

Crush On You prod. by Warren G

—Probably my favorite joint on here so far, Im assuming this id tag is correct & Warren G produced this. It’s one of those relaxed Gucci tracks where he’s being playful & almost tongue-in-cheek gentle. The beat is like the soundtrack to Home Alone, creeping pizzicato strings & nursery rhyme/nutcracker bells & cats feet hi-hats; the effect is perfect for Gucci’s clowning chorus, “Gucci got a crush on you. I ain’t trynna put a rush on you!” Per usual a Gucci 4theladiez track is so much more, not feeling corny or like some kind of obligation; its just another chance for him to be funny & lyrical, goofing about how he thinks she thinks hes handsome, borderline faux-naif teenager fantasizing about how he’ll sweep his crush off her feet (but with a dose of irony peaking from behind the curtain). “What city we in? don’t really matter baby cuz I’m flyin you in.” “It’s gravy, be my old lady, prada every day baby, no Old Navy.”

Fa Sho
—“I blow my nose with money, bitch I keep snot on my knot / i keep that pistol cocked back, and my fork in the pot / my money fallin’ out my safe when i open my lock”

—This has been out a lil while but I love how dude flips hating into an embrace of all his ‘bad’ qualities — ‘they say i’m obnoxious, but bitches be jocking,’ another play off that ‘might cant dance but my rims can’ self-deprecation.

Get It Big
—this is driving me nuts, what beat is this?

all that OJ shit
I dig OJ but I’m still repeating the first half of the mixtape so I haven’t had time for it. Quick 1-listen review: “Benjamin Franklins” and “VVS” and the joint with Bohagan are hot though, Cam’ron remix makes the song feel kinda cheesy, I still dont like the “Bricks” remix & the last two tracks were on the album that came out a couple weeks ago.

4 responses to “Gucci Funk Era

  1. the “bricks” remix helped me appreciate the quality of gucci’s hook ’cause isolation flattered it something fierce.

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