Condom (w)rappers

Young Ready feat. Max Minelli & C-Loc – 1 Rubber prod. by Mouse

(h/t muzikfene) In the tradition of J-Zone’s “trojan war” comes a condom track from Trill ENT. Good to see some new material since a lot of the non-blograp shit seems to get buried in the mountain of ATL trapper traxx, & since Boosieanna 4 there hasn’t been too much Trill Ent. material out there. Reasons this joint is hot-as-fuck: 1) “1 rubber in my pocket” is a funny-ass hook, 2) verses from Max Minelli & C-Loc, Lil Boosie associates & members of the Concentration Camp!! Good to see they’re still affiliated 3)
I got 1 rubber in my pocket
i will beat it out the socket
the package was very shockin when i whipped it out them boxers
9 times outta 10 she prolly lookin for a profit
all she gon get from me is this one rubber in my pocket
them trojans have ya rollin
them magnums they whats happenin
them lifestyles nahhhhhhhh just use em if i have to

4) Best Mouse beat ever — the bass just rips thru the stratosphere. Would love to hear this on a huge club system.

I also wanna say: how cool it is that Spice 1 recognizes that Trill Ent is whats hot right now?

Here’s some old Concentration Camp w/ C-Loc & Max Minelli

2 responses to “Condom (w)rappers

  1. it would be really cool to see a minelli/boosie collab, maybe for max’s next koch release..
    i don’t think i’ve seen them on any tracks together since 2001 or something..

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