The 30 Best Gucci Mane tracks of 2008 — 10-6

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10. Gucci Mane – Hot Damn

When i was a kid we used to take trips to ‘the country’ where my aunt lived; my older cousins once bet me I wouldnt grab onto the electric fence designed to keep the cows from hitting the road; I grabbed on, not feeling anything, & then got jolted by the charge, which felt like this guitar’s low dull buzz; we also chilled on the paint chip-flecked porch, chewing on grass, sun in our eyes, finding garden snakes (same cousins killed one by leaving it draped on that fence). No sympathy, but this beat is a symphony. This song is about all that. Another Speedy track, a rap music outhouse, with all the backwoods stilted funkyness of “I Move Chickens,” plus buzzing fly FX, buzzing guitar and a buzzing vocal sample that morphs into “Goooooottttdamn! SHIIeeeIIIeeeIIT!” Gucci’s flow fits this kinda straight-up dirt-road-dusty country beat so perfectly its uncanny. Gucci mane in the party, whoa-oh kemosabe.

9. Sino feat. Gucci Mane and Hydro – I’m That Guy

One of the hardest tracks out, this joint knocks like a motherfucker. At this point u should be used to Gucci, feeling the flow; when u hear a competent verse open the track, it’s practically impossible not to anticipate Gucci’s distinctive stubbornness, that congested vocal. Then the second chorus hits & Gucci’s “YeaaaAAAHHHHHHHhhhhh” rides the back like a cosine wave (who thinks that rumor about Jeezy getting his adlibs from Gucci is true?? definitely believable). Then his verse: “I’m so brand new, girl that’s so true! I’m really feelin Cinderella just has lost her shoe” (maybe?? post corrections in the comments). It’s hard to say Gucci’s flow is ‘lazy’ — anyone ever digging jazz knows the diff between swing & dragging. This track is all adrenaline but Gucci retains his slurred style thruout without sounding boring for a moment.

8. Soulja Boy feat. Gucci Mane and Shawty Lo – Gucci Bandana

7. Soulja Boy feat. Gucci Mane – Bands

6. Soulja Boy feat. Gucci Mane and Yo Gotti – Shoppin Spree

Gucci briefly inhabiting Soulja Boy’s universe was the best thing that happened to either in 2008. On “Bands” Gucci manhandles Soulja Boy’s hooky keyboard beat, using its stutter as a guide to play Lincoln Logs with syllables: “You’re a funny bunny junkie/ funky from my homie, homie/ I got so much jewelry on me/ I be even hating on me”; “I’m from another planet, dammit/ two clips in my Pelle jacket” etc. “Gucci Bandana,” with its spare elastic bounce, finds Gucci at his silliest, which is never not welcome: “Pull up to the hood/ stop and let them jock Gucci/ Broads jock Gucci cuz Gucci just Gucci.”

And while those two provided for Gucci a new look outside of his chosen production style of 08— the tinny monoliths of Zaytoven and Drumma Boy— it was “Shopping Spree” that clocked in as my favorite Gucci track of 08. The Mr. Hanky beat one ups both producers on their home court, and after a startlingly nasty first verse from Soulja Boy, Gucci immediately breaks the backboard: “From my Cutlass to a Chevy/ Chevy to a Lamborghini/ You can’t be me or see me unless you see me on TV/ Shiny and greasy I wonder if Stevie Wonder could see me/ necklace a jungle of Veev-es check my selection of pieces.” And though that line reads incredibly, it sounds so much better to hear Gucci’s flow flipped up and down the beat. Also, don’t underestimate what being the first major rapper to work with rap’s most maligned artist says about Gucci or his work ethic.

8 responses to “The 30 Best Gucci Mane tracks of 2008 — 10-6

  1. the “veev-es”/”pieces” sequence was crazy, as was souljah boi’s verse. they would’ve done well to cut the rest of the song. all in all, i think i preferred gucci’s contribution to “bands.”

  2. did soulja boy just do that oj da juiceman style-abrupt AY right in front of gucci?

    Weirdest thing is whereas Gucci’s Yiiiiiiiieeeeeaaaaa always mushes my brain into submission, his protege’s AY always gets me up on full alert mode. I’m always like? WHAT? WHAT JUST HAPPENED? Its such an alarm.

  3. ha yeah theres some video out there where one of oj’s dudes calls soulja boy out for biting but then oj himself softpedals it saying hes just focused on his own thing or whatever

  4. im getting a “this user has not confirmed his email” error from divshare…anyone else getting that?

    This is what great blogging is all about

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