The 30 Best Gucci Mane tracks of 2008 — 20-16

The 30 Best Gucci Mane Tracks of 2008 — Intro
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20. Gucci Mane – Mr. Perfect

The minor-key flip of Zaytoven’s “Grapey” beat uses that same vocal “OHH!” sample but with those queasy strings he digs so much. “i’m higher than a eagle on ether, higher than a falcon on california reefer.” A few quotables on here (‘mansion so big kids playin wheres waldo’ etc) but im not bothering with some defensive argument about this (altho it is a noteworthy Zaytoven beat). lyrically its just Gucci clowning around, especially on the chorus — “flow so awful, EULGH! i’m barfin, ACHEUGH, I’m coughin, swish!! im ballin’, pisssssss, I’m pissin,’ PLUCHHH, I’m shittin’, ha-chew sneezin, [inhale]STILL BREATHIN!”

19. Gucci Mane – Feelin’ Myself

Gucci’s an incredible chorus writer, flat-out. The one on “Feelin’ Myself” is almost a schoolyard taunt: “I don’t think you feel me like I’m feelin’ myself/ You suckas hatin’ on Gucci, man that’s bad for your health/ Jewelry, cars, clothes, women and wealth/ So you hatin’ on the kid it’s like you hatin’ on yourself.” Besides being funny, it flips the conceit of your typical song about haters by eschewing obvious chest-thumping because the first line one-ups our bragging expectations. This, in the era where dick-measuring amounts to comparing car titles on YouTube, is pretty singular, just like when Wayne decided to prove to everyone that he was the best rapper alive by releasing an uncountable number of songs. So no, I don’t find it coincidental that Gucci dropped 355 mixtapes this year.

18. Gucci Mane – Kill the Parking Lot

“Kill the Parking Lot” sounds like a lost beat off of that G-Side album in the way it incorporates emotive trance synths but grounds them with classic Southern marching band horns. It’s also got this cooing vocal sample and weird pitter pat drums, and the whole thing is really ‘spacious’ but not empty — just like those great Block Beataz beats — as if this trance soundscape has replaced the sky. This adds weight and drama to what could’ve been a rote car song, and Gucci answers back, rapping straight-faced and forcefully, confident as a motherfucker that his car is flyer than yours.

17. Remi feat. Gucci Mane – Bubble Up

“I bought a scaaaale at the tender age of tweeeelve.” Classic “Ghetto D”-type crack cooking track; Gucci’s confident rasp is solid as usual but the reason this is such a highlight is because of Fatboi, one of Gucci’s most underrated collaborators; conceptually, the beatmaker it reminds me of the most is a guy like KLC, who did these programmatic joints like “Souljas on my Feet” (incorporates stomping into the beat with some minor-key piano noir) or “U Hear Dat” (an entire track made of gun noises, both the drums and efx) for soulja slim. On “Bubble Up” the synths ping-pong up and down, bubbling in the musical crack pot. The comparison to KLC also makes sense because his beats always seem to have this extra degree of musicality/craft to them — less of that rugged & raw shawty redd / zaytoven (in KLC’s case, Mo B. Dick) low-budget sound, but when its a rap about crack cooking you dont really need it; shit is rugged enough.

16. Gucci Mane – I’m A Star

Another classic Gucci chorus (shit will be stuck in your head forever) but this song is mostly notable for the verses, rapid-fire even-eighths spitting that spins out so fast that it becomes an intoxicated blur, Gucci slurring vowel syllables & swallowing consonants, a giddy tornado of forceful ‘lazy’ rapping; enunciation is for ppl without the swagger to be stars themselves.

3 responses to “The 30 Best Gucci Mane tracks of 2008 — 20-16

  1. i do like how he says his own name a lot. “gucci like” started to develop some catchiness when repeated so determinedly.

    i wonder if in a month you guys will reconsider your maneframe and understand it as a desperate expansionist lunge by hungry, hungry hip hop hippopotomatons whose bambonanza appetites were too potently whet when deflowered by the slowmotion masterpiece.

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