Beer And Rap Podcast #2!!

Jyeah bitches! here is the second podcast so rock that shit. More recent stuff on this one, well as far as things within the last ten years go anyways. This one isn’t as long as the first one, about an hours worth but whatever check it out.

to subscribe to the podcast just use this url for the feed: If you’re not to smart just go in to itunes and under Advanced you have the option to subscribe to podcasts. Select that and add the feed url so that it will update on it’s own.

direct download link here

tracklisting in the comments

One response to “Beer And Rap Podcast #2!!

  1. tracklisting:

    The Misfits – Bullet
    Boss Hogg Outlawz – B.H.O.'z
    Kottonmouth & Chalie Boy – Elbos Out Top Back
    Attitude – Where Ya From ft Rich Boy
    Killer Mike – Bang!!!
    Freak Nasty – If U Da Krunkest ft Fiya N' Ice & M-80
    UNK – In Yo Face
    Yung Kee – Wuts Its Gone Be
    La Chat – U Claimin' Your Real
    Bledsoe – Its Hard Out Here
    Big Stacks – Money Masterbator
    Big Stacks – A pot and a fork ft East Side Al
    E-40 – Earl ft Ice-T
    Husalah – Late Night
    Turf Talk – Bring The Base Back
    Teamknoc – Moshpit
    UGK – Swishas And Dosha

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