Trai’D’s X-Pill

man — this beat is on some pretty x’d out shit. Trai’D pulls this off on some obviously-not-grown-man sex talk — “I’m too young to be doin what i do!” is the most honest thing in this song. His raps are like if you take the ‘pimp’ from Pimp C & reincarnate him as a dude who’s barely past 20. but he is also a likable rapper & the whole serotonin-boost-cloud the song floats by on is just sensually perfect.

the video is also beautifully shot.

the song is refreshingly autotune-free.

4 responses to “Trai’D’s X-Pill

  1. Am I the only one who hears a bit of 40 water in this guy’s voice? He seems like some kind of unholy child of him and Pimp, only not as good as either. Song’s pretty good, though the chorus takes too long.

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