I wanna be your coool thaaaang

So this new Skyzoo joint uses a sample that has been worked a few times already, including my favorite Potna Deuce joint “Cool Thing” <– Free download there. Potna Deuce was three rappers, Chezski, Ruby Rascal and Baby Beesh — better known nowadays as Baby Bash. LOL.

For real though Welcome to da Hilt is a pretty classic bay area record. It was largely produced by Johnny Z, a real underrated producer in the game pictured here rollin in his 6-2:

He got a production deal with Profile records for N2Deep in the early 90s & this was one of his projects. Had a big role shaping the bay area mob sound. The dude that does rapreviews.com has a good rundown here. Honestly i think it deserves 1-2 more ‘lyrics vibes’ though.

And for kicks here’s the video for their single “Dats my Partna”

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