Beer And Rap Podcast #1!!

Posted this on my own blog but I’m also putting it up here so feel free to peep game.

Ok so I finally got around to recording a little Beer And Rap podcast show. I’d been meaning to do this for a while, just do a recording of songs, not a mix or anything but more like a radio show. Just wanted to play songs and throw in a little commentary. I’m going to try and keep this going at least once a month. If I can pull it off more than that great but I’m trying to be realistic. It’s about a 1.5 hours, maybe should have played shorter songs but I didnt. The mp3 is kind of big so if you’re still using telegraphs to communicate you may be waiting for a minute. Anyways yeah peep game, to subscribe to the podcast just use this url for the feed: If you’re not to smart just go in to itunes and under Advanced you have the option to subscribe to podcasts. Select that and add the feed url so that it will update on it’s own. I have dumb friends so I need to explain unnecessary bullshit to people.

If you can’t do that then just download it here directly

The tracklisting is listed under the lyrics of the file if you’re curious

One response to “Beer And Rap Podcast #1!!

  1. Tracklisting:
    The Misfits – Bullet
    NWA – 8ball remix
    APG – We Ain't Always Nice
    UGK – Underground Kingz
    Ice-T – Rhyme Syndicate Coming Thru
    Cazal Boys – Snatching Cazals
    E-A-Ski – Streets Of Oakland
    Khujo Goodie – Shitting Me
    Unladylike – Sit Yo Ass Down ft Lil Jon
    UNK – Beat Dat Azz ft 11 Dub, Mannish Man, Loko & Princess
    Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz – Push That Nigga, Push That Ho
    Youngbloodz – Don't Start No Shit ft Lil Jon (Klever vip mix)
    DJ Craze – Bitch I'm From Dade
    Renard With No Regard – Dick Is What You Want
    Crazy Leggs – Hater Blockers (Breakdown Mix)
    Old Dirty Bastard – Dog Shit
    Keak Da Sneak – Golden Showers Up
    Birmingham J – Hustle Might Wash Away ft Photo Slim, Mr Ha & Dee
    E-40 – Alcoholism ft B-Legit
    Jokaman – Fuck You ft 50 50, Big Nick, Mr Kaila
    Unkut – Fuck Being Famous
    Fat Pat – Tops Drop

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