mistermiyahhhgi mistermiyahhhgi

Gotta give it up to muzikfene for consistently upping some great rap music & keeping with a consistent perspective on new street rap (meaning no blogger hype rappers or keeping it dilla etc). But best of all he threw up “Mr. Miyagi,” probably the best new rap song I’ve heard this year.

Although I can’t find an production credit for “Mr. Miyagi” Playa Shaw seems to be working primarily with Nitti of ITS A NITTI BEAT renown. “Boo Boo” has an insistent hook & some harder-than-usual steel drums; “In Da Kitchen” is solid too (9th Ward Gucci has a nice verse).

In Da Kitchen ( 2oo8 ) – Playa Shaw Feat. Nitti

He only has 307 Myspace friends, get on the bandwagon now dudes.

One response to “mistermiyahhhgi mistermiyahhhgi

  1. well i hope someone was feelin this, anyway i think what i like about it is its an Atlanta dude bringing that classic im serious/trap muzik flow

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