Couple of randoms I’ve want to put out there

I’m throwing up a couple of joints older joints that I’ve been bumping in my headphones lately and was thinking they should get out there. All these tracks are on some macho ass going hard shit so if you like to be a bitch and listen to kanye’s tears dripping down your balls then maybe you shouldn’t check these; if not then jam these motherfuckers.

CIN – Jocin My Team
This one is the leading track off of C.I.N.’s 1996 Richmond Roulette album. It’s got that mid 90’s bay sound, laced with pianos and that gfunk squeal running throughout. That classic bay area flow, stressing those vowels between bursts of fast raps with a little bit of the east bay twang.

Prophet Posse – Orange Mound ft Kelo & K-Rock
Angry memphis rappers with chants, threats, repetitive yelling incorporated into the beat and a chorus laid over some s&c’ed vocals. Yeah that’s a fucking winner. It’s off that The Return pt 2 mixtape they dropped like over a year ago. The mixtape had a whole mess of bangers but fools just slept on that shit hard.

Bottom Tenn – Whoop Ya Ass
Some dudes out of Black Haven going hard on a Sleepwalker track. I don’t think I really need to bother explaining what the point of this song is, the title is pretty self explanitory. Al Kapone put it out on that Memphis Drama 4: Crunk Roots.

Triple 6 – Walking Assassins
Triple 6 was a group that Dre Dog was involved with in the early 90’s. This is off this short 5 track ep/tape called Nothing But Reality. All the beats are pretty basic and stripped down. The rhymes are nothing to crazy but fuck it. There is something to be said for cut in choruses, simple raps over a steady break and some bass with a blessing of tape hiss.

404 Soldierz – Swang On A Nigga ft Mannish Mann
This is the last one for today. I don’t know why this never made it to Hard As Fuck 4, it was sitting around but yeah it’s got all the elements of hiphop: headbusting, swanging, throwing thangs, banging, never being scared, guns, fists, simps, whats, yeahs, beams, and yelling. It’s got all those positive vibes and conciousness that kufi lovers everywhere support.

2 responses to “Couple of randoms I’ve want to put out there

  1. serg, have you heard that other version of “walking assassin” that involves guillotines, carving 666 in some woman’s forehead, and dre dog claims he has people in his closet hung from meat hooks?

    i figure this is the same group? different release? fly mar, dre dog and some weird dudes from sacto?

    i’ve been trying to figure this one out for years, and this is the first clue i’ve gotten. let me know if i’m making any sense at all.

  2. I haven’t heard the other version but yeah I’d assume it’s the same group. Every rapper from sac is weird. Them doing some horrorcore shit doesn’t seem like a stretch from the sounds of the other songs on the ep

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