This new Fabo

Here’s the mp3: Fabo – “Spaceship Man”

Cherish new rap’s original weirdo streamlining his outlandishness into an actual song, a kind of rap/kind of singing thing that’s more in the vein of quicksilver modern r&b like Janelle Monáe or John Legend’s “Green Light” (an André 3000 feature) than snap or post-snap or whatever. Just as much as we love Fabo wilding over empty spaces in his schizophrenic hyena howl, it’s just as nice to hear him doing a fully-formed song that doesn’t sacrifice that singular personality and vision. Pray for reign.

David also posted about the song here and got sad when no one commented

7 responses to “This new Fabo

  1. Damn! You just made my day. Can’t believe I missed this the first time around when David posted it.

    Where’s this off of? Mixtape or album coming soon?? I haven’t heard anything from dude since that geek’d up mixtape he dropped w/ Dro.

    and personally,streaming youtube is just fine with me. I only care abt being exposed to new music, the rest i can take care of with a google/limewire search

  2. the Kandy Man mixtape with coolbreeze is definitely worth checking out if you liked that geek’d up one. Geek’d up is crazy, hilarious when they rap over the Isley Bros/one day instrumental and say its Al Green. Too many pills that day.

  3. No need to be bitter!

    After listening to the song, David explains it well but never drops the song title in the post.

    But I agree with everything David says…that’s got to count for something.

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