I get the point of mp3 blogs, duh: post mp3s, get linked, maybe a bad rapper will hit you with an exclusive track or if you’re the luckiest maybe an exclusive mixtape. But still, how is the whole internet gonna post this new Juelz track without admitting — no contrarian Dipset hate here, by the way — that Juelz is a. no longer a good rapper and b. that he’s completely ruined this incredible beat.

For one, I’m surprised that people are still checking for new Juelz verses, but beyond that, did no one think by the time that Juelz was dropping played out napalm and BAPE references ten seconds into his first verse how much better it would be if a good-in-2009 rapper was on this beat? Something this vintage, this creeping and grimey (yet still elegant) deserves better than a dude who jumps on and implies that he sticks his whole head inside vaginas. Where is the clamoring for Jada or Freeway or Twista? Imagine Big L or Mobb Deep. I can’t believe that people actually think he went hard on this beat, so why hasn’t anyone said it? I know, I know. But, still.

In order to end this post on a positive note, I’m posting this classic Rap City freestyle from the Big Tigger era of The Dips blazing the “My Block” beat. Jones and Juelz are WEARING THROWBACKS and Cam is in all pink and raps his verse while counting money. The good days.

Here’s another dope Juelz freestyle over that Lloyd Banks song “The Cake”. Lol @ Juelz saying I Can’t Feel My Face was coming soon. In 2006.

9 responses to “FREE THIS BEAT

  1. A dope Juelz freestyle indeed…. that’s actually a written from a song off that very mixtape/album he said was coming soon at the start of the freestyle. ‘Rewind,’ to be exact. In fact, I think it’s the case that every Dipset Rap City freestyle ever came out on one song or another a few months later. Juelz’s freestyle over ‘My Block’ is from ‘Okay Okay’ on his album, Cam’s freestyle is from the original version of ‘Built This City,’ etc. As for Juelz, I don’t know. Technically he’s way more polished than when he first came out, but he has, by the same token, become a lot less interesting. Is he really that much worse than he was three years ago? Seems to me that he’s always been pretty hit-and-miss.

  2. What new Juelz mp3 – did I miss something in this post cos I didn’t see anything but the two videos of the old freestyles??

  3. dude. not even joking and this has nothing to with my ILM-baiting juelz meme; I love this song and have listened to it probably 20 times. Here’s why: Juelz is so blissfully ignorant it’s like he wrote it while he was stoned and playing xbox or something. the metaphors aren’t lazy as much as they’re just totally silly. it has this confused, childish quality to it. it’s supposed to be a song about sex and driving but the dude can barely even stay on the subject. and the beat matches the half-asleep, half-baked lyrics and flow perfectly. it’s unintentional genius.

    also if it weren’t juelz on this beat, which I agree is fantastic and kind of a breath of fresh air, we would never have gotten these gems”

    “you gotta be a good dicklicker”
    “let me tongue-kiss your breast, yeah baby I’m a mess”
    “I’m so cold I could make a groundhog come out of his hole”
    “I’m so bold you would think I was full of
    “I’m so beyond freaky, baby I’m kinky”
    “I’m the floyd mayweather of sex”
    “I don’t salad toss ’em I salad turn ’em”

    there’s so many more

  4. the thing about vouching for music by an artist that is strung out or whatever is that you have to already be invested in the artist to view it as interesting and not lazy, and i like juelz alright but to me this just seems lazy and half-baked in a bad way.

    i get where you’re coming from though because as much as i’d like him to go back to rapping i do find weeded out wayne songs to be “interesting” even though most people see them as lazy

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