Bombs over Baghdad

When yr named after an Outkast song, like to play guitar & have some genuinely creative, kinda out-there instincts, drop an acclaimed mixtape and know how to mix it up, sometimes it can be very easy to veer a little too close to the sun.

I’m not gonna link to it cuz it is very WHAT. EVER. But the new B.O.B. single is such an epic Angelous maneuver that it can’t be anything but disappointing. It just feels so stale and heartless, so safe. A real disappointment in my opinion but I guess it was inevitable Andre 3 stacks would inspire Andre .3 stacks —

(That’s not all dude is, to be fair — check the A+ Curtis chopping on this joint for some real lyrics.)

But u know who really knows how to carry the spirit w/out the forced sense of pledged allegiance, is FABO. The passion & fun & spirit of some classic ‘Kast right here. Explosive up-tempo real nu-hip-house without the pretense, and with a massive injection of energy and real love. This isn’t his “Hey Ya” but its as close as he might get. Good way to avoid getting your wings burned by the sun is to say ‘fuck wings’ and grab a spaceship.

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