Ring the alarm

Jamie Foxx ft. Lil Wayne – “Number One”

Shit Just Blaze produced this year by my count according to Wikipedia: bonus tracks for the Game album, a Common song for Smirnoff, an unreleased Jay Electronica track and one of the biggest singles of the year. In Just’s time off, Ron Browz has become the King of NY (pop champagne!!), Jim Jones has remixed indie rock songs and Charles Hamilton has come to save us from it all by releasing a personalized mixtape for each and every single Nah Right commenter.

Blaze also has a song on the new Jamie Foxx album no one cares about (including myself) and it’s either completely bonkers and going to decimate radios and brains or it’s an elaborate parody of rap production in 2008 (maybe both). The beat is basically the bass rumble from “A Milli” + the handclaps and fire alarm synth from “Single Ladies” + the ayyys and ooohhs from “Live Your Life.” Then there’s Jamie Foxx half-singing about winning Emmys (?) and making it rain and convertibles and having “swagger on a billi” and whatever else people rap about. To finish it up we get an AutoWayne verse prominently featuring the line “Baby if you’re gay I can be your Marvin”. The chorus has a synth or something that sounds like a hovering helicopter.

At first it sounds like the ugliest mess but eventually you feel like you’re in the eye of a hurricane watching everything around you getting leveled. It’s the antithesis of “Pop Champagne”‘s am-I-even-trying? minimal genius and I expect it to turn the game upside down for a minute just the same, no Juelz Santana verse necessary.

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