Founding Fathers

To me one interesting aspect of this whole argument is the way rap heads still try to downplay the influence of disco on rap’s origins. You’d think the year 50 Cent is dropping mixtapes rhyming over shalamar & anita ward joints folks would be more open to accepting that it wasnt all about funk breaks but what are you gonna do.

Here’s a list of the traxx 50 was rapping over on that mixtape; its not a great or revelatory recording and a lot of it is him spitting just a couple bars and then zoning out listening to the rest of the songs, but whatever, it’s pretty fun & u know if ghostface had done it we would still be hearing all about it thru next year.

shalamar – this is for the love in you
isley brothers – for the love of you
prince – i want to be your lover
keni burke – risin to the top
taana gardner – heartbeat
yarbrough & peoples – don’t stop the music
frankie beverly and maze – before i let go
alicia myers – i want to thank you
tom tom club – genius of love
stevie wonder – that girl
anita ward – ring my bell
rick james – moonchild

One response to “Founding Fathers

  1. You make a lot of great points. It’s tight that this doc at least challenges the oversimplified story of how and where hip-hop started. I’ve actually heard some arguments that take it out of NYC altogether, like it started in Philly or Houston, although those seemed suspect. Great post

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