Mob Trial 3

I finally got around to picking this up and I had to throw up Snitch’s Worst Nightmare. It’s easily the best track on the album. The beat bangs, Nick Peace laced this shit something proper with that menacing distorted bass that goes hella hard. No bullshit unnecessary parts to the beat, it’s just direct and too the point.

Nick Peace really needs to get more shine but that’s the problem with bay. Few people get the recognition they deserve. But that’s whatever, I’m not going to get in to it just peep game because this shit is a slumper.

AP.9 is on the cut by himself and brings it. I like AP.9 even though sometimes his flow can be off but when dude is on point he’s real fucking dope. Lyrically he’s pretty basic, you’re not going to hear some amazing lyricall bullshit but he makes up for it with style. On this joint he speeds up his shit just a little bit and rides the beat perfectly.

Snitch’s Worst Nightmare

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