knew the crew was suitable, unpollutable

late 90s non-biggie bad boy like g dep and shyne and black rob has always been underrated in my experience, although dep’s record was definitely the worst of the three. the only g dep joint i really played when dude was out was that special delivery remix marketed as the return of craig mack. but looking back his snoozy flow on ‘child of the ghetto’ has some moments – “i am” with kool g rap stands out, “blast off” is alright, “one way” is tight and “let’s get it” is just a banger straight up.

anyway i dont really have much else to say about this new g dep shit except that its unexpectedly great.

‘somebody said where i be, somebody gon come, strong as ali in the alley hittin ali want some? start to wilin, you prolly be dialin 91-1, and we was weapons im atom-y you’s a grimey stun-gun’

update: This cut’s got a lot of bird flippin talk going on for a wop head. If I were a distributor of fine narcotic goods I wouldn’t let this nigga anywhere near my package. Neither would you, unless you want to see a brick with a noseprint in it–and no money–come collection day.


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