New megasoid shit just dropped over on The New Yorker blog, check that shit motherfucker. If you don’t know the megasoid stuff is on that turbo crunk shit, think of the lazer sword shit I posted about a while back. Fucking heaters man, Megasoid is a cutesy little project with Speakerbruiser (formerly known as Sixtoo) and Haji wanting to warp with robots.

They also posted a link to the Hovatron mix which done by half Mofotronix. Mofotronix plays at the Turbo Crunk party in montreal along side megasoid and other canadians who push buttons. You’re advised to get up on this shit, it fucking bangs.

oh and for any of your in SF next week you might want to fuck with this show. I plan on wilding out at this shit.

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