Marshawn Lynch – AC, The Cataracs, Mista F.A.B.

Man this beat fucking knocks hard as fuck. Banging slaps with some screwed chorus is pretty much the easiest thing you can do but man it goes hard. The rapping is kind of garbage. The track is off this Slappin In The Trunk comp I got. Which is more like someone made the comp to put this dude AC on. He’s alright some times but dude has lazy delivery. On shit like this you got to have some more presence. Whatever though he’s alright on the track, homeboy from the Cataracs though shouldn’t even be on this. I like the Cataracs but when they do their shit. They never come through on bangers like this. Same shit, no presence and bring down the energy of the track. His delivery is too slow for the most part and toned down too much. I want to hear some MOP inspired shit over this beat. If I didn’t like the beat so much I wouldn’t even fuck with it. Whatever, just peep the mp3.

Money Line – Trillville

Been a minute since I’ve heard anything from the trillville camp. I didn’t even know this shit was out until I came across it the other day on the random. The album though is kind of doing it for me. It’s not as crunk as their older shit and has a few weak joints but overall it’s got some cool shit going. This money line is cool, got that slumping bass. The homer simpson and capital one lines make me laugh ever time I hear that shit.

Dare You To Do It – Trillville

The title sums it up, you know what you’re getting with this shit. Bunch of gunplay threats to nameless haters. It’s fun for the kids. I like to listen this while I sit on my couch watching football and nursing a hangover.

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