RIP Pimp C

Now if ya gave me a Sweet for every bitch that I fucked
You’d have to bring four eightteen wheelers
Fill em’ from back to front
Cause I’m Pimp C bitch, ain’t no mistakin’
Niggas tryin’ to get the cheese
But bitch I’m gettin’ the bacon
And wood and candy just an every day thing rubbin’ bud
Because ya like the way that fifth wheel
And that grill look
Cause I be comin’ down, nigga my heart be true
I’m fuckin’ ya boo, I’m bumpin’ that screw
Nigga what’s up with you
I live and wept for ya nigga, he had it comin’ though
I represent my shit cause nigga I can’t be no ho
And just because we do perform
Bitches be thinkin’
That we don’t have a fuckin’ pocket full of stones
I done drunk Miller with killers
Sipped syrup with murderers
Keep a boot in my mouth
Just in case you bitches ain’t heard of us
Nigga, I live for the rush, I live for the crush
I’m down with drinkin’ Royal and the motherfuckin’ Plush
Yeah, and the motherfuckin Organized Noise boy, what’s up

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