Prophet Posse

Prophet Posse – Cop It, Cook It Ft Yo Gotti, Kelo and 7:30

The album goes hard as hell, they got hella motherfuckers on the cut too. Fucking record features Playa Fly, Pastor Troy, Lil’ Flip, Yo Gotti, Gangsta Boo, Gangsta Blac, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Blackout, Nick Scarfo, Kelo, Indo-G, Koopsta Knicca, K-Rock, T-Rock, Hottsauce, Raw Dawg, and 7:30. The whole record is basically a posse cut. Cop It, Cook It is hands down the best cut on the record. That beat is fucking retarded, it fucking smashes its way through the whole track and never lets up. The other two tracks I’m really feeling are “Crush Domes” and “Pump Yo Brakes.” One of which features the call and response “When I Say SuckaAss You Say Bitch!” You can’t lose with this record.

If you’re looking for some anti softhands rap then get wise and peep game for reals.

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