Roctober is MC Oroville’s (Oroville blog) month. This pasty lump of country moonshine and crusty gas station nacho cheese covered facial hair is finally releasing his new album, Do Something. It features the international hit song My Van which stars some of Gurp City’s finest, Luke Sick, Topr, Conceit, GameTightElectro, and Z-man with the shouts at the end. My yelling even makes a small appearance at the end. I know that the world has anxiously been anticipating the release of this magnificent record but you must realize that while the record promotes a proactive approach at life we are dealing with drunks so the ability to actually do something is significantly hampered, in this case by a year. But who cares, at least he did something and you can do something by buying it. This magnum opus will impact the world of music in a way that none have ever seen before. Do Something takes as its subject a theme close to the composer’s heart: the defeat of tyranny through man’s innate desire for merles and rap. The work will be held in high critical esteem; despite its sometimes shaky plot, the music is unassailably great and blazes with Oroville’s steadfast commitment to liberty and humanity. This album makes explicit the strand of idealism that seems to simmer beneath the surfaces of many of his other works, and if it does not have the universal appeal of some of his better-known meth classics, it nevertheless seems very close to Oroville’s own heart.

MC Oroville – My Van Ft The Gurp City Allstars

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