i’m only transcribing the first verse, surprise yrself on the rest

I’m the mothafuckin beast and i know it so ask yourself
if you dont really want this beef go home and blast yaself
i’m somethin like the passenger, 57 heinz when i close my eyes and squeeze
there’s 57 9’s thats the ketchup that ya bleed
i’ma make the block bleed man i make it look so easy
trigger finger fuckin 9 i’ma go and get a chopper
operatin’ like a doctor flash flood, metal raindrops,
predict it like a doppler, i’m yo weather man
i’m blowin money like a ceilin fan was tied to my bank account
we get money man in large amounts
i kill em with the hustle
i kill em with the flow
the streets are tellin me to go and kill em with it now

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