Reap And Destroy

I picked up this record at Freinds Of Sound in Austin back in march, it’s some late 80’s Flint Michigan rap. I have never heard of these dudes but with an album title like Reap And Destroy and the incredible cover art I decided it would be wise to cop. The group consists of 4 dudes with some amazingly complex rap names, Fresh Kid, Master Emcee, Doc Beat and Jay. The liner notes on this record are actually kind of dope, shit like on the back it says “The Connoisseurs of Groove is a group of young men from Flint, Michigan, who insist that the Midwest is the best when it comes to rap music.” The liner notes also list the zodiac signs of each of the members which makes no fucking sense at all but whatever.

As for the music these dudes are on some slow big beat shit and they like to yell their raps which I enjoy the shit out of. I played Reap and Destroy at a party and a friend described asked if it was “pre-crunk” and that’s kind of a fitting way to describe the sound.

Reap And Destroy

Rock the Lynn has got some faster raps but beat is similar to Reap and Destroy. I can’t figure out if I like this more than Reap And Destroy, fast raps work but RAD is a little more epic in its sound. Although Rock the Lynn does end some some jaw dropping beatbox skills, fuck the shit is so amateur I think I could do it better.
Rock The Lynn

If anyone knows anything about these dudes post up cause I haven’t been able to find anything on them. Someone needs to fuckstart again.

you know what, I was just gonna post those two tracks but fuck it here is the whole album, it’s only 8 tracks deep but yeah download that motherfucker.

COG – Reap And Destroy

One response to “Reap And Destroy

  1. Michael Brown who wrote the title track under the moniker "fresh kidd" went on to become one of the leading live touring production & tour managers he has worked with. Usher, Beyonce, Floetry, Brian McKnight, Musiq, Jill Scott, Vivian Green, Dru Hill, Jodeci and many more
    * Usher Live *Jodeci Freakin You Video etc.. He is currently the Entertainment Production Manager at the MotorCity Casino in Detroit MI where he also is busy producing and directing film and video

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